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I’m stuck. What should I do?

Each puzzle has a light and a heavy hint which should help you get to the next level. Check that you have entered the answer precisely, and without extra spaces etc. If that doesn’t work for you, ask a question on our Facebook Page.

How do I get back to the level I’d reached when I come back to Xenostorm?

Just save the page you’re on in your browser (to Favorites or Bookmarks). Then you can jump straight to it.

I’ve reached the end: what next?

We are currently reviewing the way Xenostorm operates, but we hope there will be more levels soon.

Can you tell me when a new level is added?

Follow us on Twitter for updates.

What is a Xenostorm?

See our dictionary definition.

Who is behind Xenostorm?

Xenostorm was created by author Brian Clegg and is owned by his company, Creativity Unleashed Limited.

Why does the Xenostorm story begin with a failed hero?

The Xenostorm game is set in alternate universe to the novel Xenostorm:Rising. In the novel, the hero is still to face the challenge of saving the world. In the Xenostorm game, the hero has failed and it is up to you to keep things together. Find out more about the book.

Can I contact Xenostorm?

Yes - we can’t guarantee an instant response, but all emails will be answered. Drop us a line at