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London is in ruins after the attack of a creature known as the Abomination. The monstrous being was temporarily disabled by a hero - but he died in the attempt, and the Abomination has threatened to wipe out all of humanity. It is up to you to find the Abomination, discover what it is and how it can kill us all - then destroy it before it strikes.

The Thames laps against the bank as a boat rumbles past. Across the far side you can see the ruins where the Tower of London once stood. The Abomination’s work. It seems hopeless, but you have one clue, passed on by a dying informant. Tucked away by the bank of the river, concealed behind a loose stone on the worn water stairs, you find a small metal cylinder. It’s a little rusty, but you manage to unscrew the end and pull out this slip of paper. Look on both sides of the paper. The information from both sides will be your guide to a strange, remote location.

To pass the first lock you must enter the name of the nearest town to that location.

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